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"Four Easy Ways To Get More Done And Go Home Early" - By Suresh Kolla

1. Organize your ideas with a mind map
2. Optimize your operations with a process map
3. Organize your team with a team chart
4. Manage your work with a project chart
In growing companies, many of us find ourselves with “management” thrust upon us. We start out as a talented engineer, sales person, or other specialist; and, before we know it, there’s a team of people reporting to us, operational responsibilities, and a pile of projects to manage. And our boss assumes thatbecause we were good at our area of expertise, we also know how to manage.
Management is just like anything else—it’s a learned skill. Thankfully, there are some simple techniques we can use to make us more productive and effective. Here are four of them that take very little time, but
payoff big very quickly:
1. Organize your ideas with a mind map
Before you tackle a new project or decision, take a few minutes to list all the issues, tasks, and ideasyou have. You can do this as a simple list with a word processor, but a much more effective way is to use a mind map. A mind map (or concept map) shows all topics around a central theme or idea
graphically, with subtopics below each major issue. This makes it easy to get the “big picture” on your project.
2. Optimize your operations with a process map
If you are responsible for some of the routine operations of your business, then you want the best possible outcome every time. For example, if you are responsible for shipping products to customers, you want to ensure that each order is handled promptly with the correct shipping method. The best way to make sure this happens is by describing shipping as a process: a series of steps that are carried out the same way each time. Once you see the whole process, it’s easy to identify ways that it can be improved.
3. Organize your team with a team chart
If your company is like most, there are two ways people are organized:
1. Top-down reporting relationships, and
2. Teams that work together on a project
Teams work more effectively when the roles and responsibilities of each member are clearly understood.
4. Manage your work with a project chart
Projects get completed on time when you can identify every task involved and the length of time each one is going to take. The best way to do this is to create a project chart ( officially called a Gantt chart) that lists each task in a project with a start and end date. This allows you to see at glance the estimated completion date and your progress so far.
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